Newcomer to the Garden of Cock – Part IV — Temple of Priapus

Erotic fiction and metaphors on some of the practices and beliefs of our Brotherhood Our Hero’s mystic and sexual journey into the mysteries of the Lord Phallus, His new, chosen God, continues. In this, the fourth part in the series, an important conversation takes place. He is told he must travel to the vast wilderness…

via Newcomer to the Garden of Cock – Part IV — Temple of Priapus

A real man in my life


I have been seeing Dave for six weeks now. I met him on a dating site, Daddy Daters. I love Daddies lol. We wrote, we phoned, discussed our kinks and then we met I was dressed femme. It has been great. He is my type. shaved head, tats, big arms, hairy and rides a Harley. whoohoo

As soon as I hear that bike rolling down the street my clitty reacts. I get on my knees and wait for my Daddy. He walks in looks at his lil sissy bitch, dressed like a whore on her knees waiting for His instructions. He stands in front of my and points to his dirty boots. I lean my head forward and begin licking his right boot clean. Licking from toe to top. Digging my teeth into the boot seams getting out the dirt. I do the same with the left boot. When I finish I look up at Him for approval.

If Daddy is pleased He says “does sissy bitch want a reward?” I begin begging Daddy for permission to worship his cock, I beg Daddy over and over to worship his cock. He rubs his crotch on my face and says “please your Daddy” I unzip his pants and take his cock out. I begin by saying “thank you daddy for letting your sissy bitch worship your cock”

Mmmm licking and gently sucking on Daddy’s balls the way he taught me. Licking up and down his shaft, then sucking his cock head exactly like Daddy wants me to. Finally deep throating Daddy until he cums in my mouth or on my face. I always thank Daddy for my reward. I kiss his shiny boots. If he came on my face he rubs his finger on my face and then has me lick the cum off his finger until my face is clean.

He walks into the living room and sits down.  I hear him snap his fingers. I quickly crawl to him and kiss his boots. He attaches a leash to my collar and says “get daddy a beer”. I walk as sexily as I can to the fridge and bring Daddy His beer. Then kneel in front of him. He smiles for the first time.

“Sissy go fix your makeup and clothes. Daddy is very horny.”